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Asset and People Location Solutions

ComnTec has extensive experience designing and deploying infrared and radio frequency people and asset tagging and locating systems throughout the greater New England and New York metropolitan areas. ComnTec specializes in providing these systems to hospitality, healthcare sites and can easily configure these systems to track assets locate staff, residents, and patients. The asset tracking system places a small RF transmitter on any equipment so that staff can track a piece of equipment's location anywhere in the site inside or outside the building. When equipment protected with an RF/IR transmitter is moved into an area secured by the system, the following can occur:

  • Doors automatically lock
  • Alarms sound locally and at the Nurses
  • Corridor lamps turn on when a guest needs help
  • Cameras record the event at the location
  • Pagers and both wired and wireless VoIP telephones alert staff
  • A graphic display panel, and or central monitoring station identify staff’s locations.

Asset tracking is a means for banking, government, hospitality, and healthcare employer’s to keep valuable equipment and devices secured and located. Using this system is as easy as placing transmitter in computers, laptops, and other office equipment to keep them from leaving the building, or secured area. The technology used is the same as is used for the patient wander prevention application.

Communication Technologies believes quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Ray Sandoval - Communication Technologies Inc. LLC

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