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Wi-fi Solutions

ComnTec is an authorized and certified value added reseller of HP, IP3, Engenius, and Ruckus Networks solutions because they work efficiently, and reduce the cost of implementation, deployment, and maintenance of the WLAN environment.

  • ComnTec builds secure wireless LAN’s, including secure authentication, and encryption, rogue detection, and preserve your existing network infrastructure.
  • ComnTec provision simple and secure wireless LAN access for different user groups, including creating multiple classes of users and creating temporary time-stamped access.
  • ComnTec offers centralized management plus monitoring, and user location capabilities
  • ComnTec provides virtual Site Surveys and RF planning taking the mystery and complexity out of deploying WAP’s.
  • We support for emerging wireless LAN technologies, such as voice over wireless Internet Protocol.6. Vision provides everything from a full 802.1X deployment with RADIUS integration to full & Smart Mobility Exchange™ (MX™) switch and system configuration

These solutions support multiple VLAN’s and seamless subnet roaming without the need for multiple SSID’s, or complex Layer 3 routing protocols.

ComnTec analyzes all this information and provides a detailed, full-color work order that shows RF coverage areas, where to install access points and other hardware, channels and transmit power, and other configuration details. We print the work order and give it to our cabling technicians to do the job right the first time. The competition’s limited site survey tools do not factor-in RF obstacles or building materials, and they do not let you import CAD floor plan drawings. Instead, they over-compensate for the lack of planning poor placement accuracy by recommending that you buy many extra AP’s that you probably do not need.

The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first.

Ray Sandoval - Communication Technologies Inc. LLC

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