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Access Control Solutions

ComnTec provides a wide array of Access Control Systems and equipment to the hospitality, healthcare, banking, and government, as well as corporate America. These access control systems are used for more than just controlling access in and out of a building or area. We install FPS compliant system for government sites. Our systems perform:

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Video imaging and badge identification
  • Supporting all types of access cards, fobs and readers including the latest biometric readers (fingerprint, cornea, voice, and palm)
  • CCTV interfaces integrating cameras with security events, and challenges.
  • Complete history of card users, intrusion attempts
  • Supporting up to 225,000 card users
  • Immediate and delayed egress Electro-magnetic locks
  • Electric Door strikes, Request-to-Enter and Request-to-Exit
  • Programmable security locks
  • Keypads, biometric scan readers, fob integration, multi-use RF concierge devices, IR employee badges
  • Card and Fob readers (magnetic stripe, and proximity
  • Integration with Intercom and video intercom systems 

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Ray Sandoval - Communication Technologies Inc. LLC

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