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Nurse Call & Wander Prevention Solution

ComnTec's nurse call flagship product is offered by Igeacare and integrates with the Mitel and solutions as well as the Wander Prevention solution that we feature offered by X-Mark providing one point of contact for all the communication needs. Standard unit features include:

  • Emergency push buttons, Staff assist, Code blue , Nurse presence, cancellation at the point of origin, Cord out supervision, Pillow speaker ready, Hill-Rom SideCom® Wireless or Hard wired pull stations
  • Built-in individual call point escalation with programmable response parameters
  • Programmable Call point priority flexible dome light scheme
  • Group paging enabled units (601 / 701) eliminates the need for independent paging systems. 

Both solutions offer cutting edge user-friendly and patient-friendly solutions designed to fulfill the needs of nursing homes, assisted living and independent living care facilities as well as hospitals.

At Communication Technologies the single most important thing is to make the customer happy. If you are making customers happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay Communication Technologies for our solutions and support services.

Ray Sandoval - Communication Technologies Inc. LLC

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