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Our on-call services are supported by highly trained technicians who are available for a guaranteed response time and after hour’s emergency service. Communication Technologies Inc. can tailor a servicing agreement to meet any organizations needs. We offer servicing and maintenance agreements providing service during regular business days and hours as well as 24/7/365 day per year.

WAN Circuit Services

If our customers are over-paying or under-serviced, we can assist them in securing alternate services from other carriers that will meet their needs. We will assist in the cutover of any circuits we secure for our customers by having a field technician supporting the change charge. We represent many telephony service carriers and CLEC’s at both the retail and wholesale levels. Our relationships in the industry allow us to provide local and long distance phone services, switched, high-speed Internet services, dedicated and toll-free services, T1, T3’s, ISDN PRI, MPLS, Frame Relay services from Verizon, AT&T, Broadview Networks, Verizon, DSCI, BCNI, One Communications, TNCI, and XO, to mention a few.

Public Address and Early Warning Systems

Whether a customer needs to reach out to all the employees of a building through a PA system, or the customer is a municipality or a regional school that needs and emergency warning system to call and or email thousands of citizen’s simultaneously to warn them about a public emergency, E911 or inclement weather condition, Vision will deploy a solution that is efficient, reliable and affordable.

Distance Learning, Sound Services

ComnTec expertise in video, voice, and collaborative conferencing applications implements our client’s desires to communicate with their key personnel, clients, patients, and guests across the state, country and across the world in a modular, and expandable format that does not require the use of third-party services and monthly re-occurring fees. ComnTec offers solutions for distance learning applications that provide a delivery platform for educational information to students, patients and customers as well as data-targeted end-users.

Call Accounting & Management

ComnTec is a value added reseller of the Mitel, Metropolis Technologies and Tel-Electronics (TELS) INN-FORM PLUS with PMS Interface, INN-FORM XL with PMS Interface, and INNFORM PC that have the fastest call processors available. The INN-FORM Plus can store up to the last 64,000 call records.​

ComnTec installs, services, and warranties these systems in house as well as the Mitel and Metropolis Technologies solutions. We have over twelve years experience with the Tel Electronics product and over seven years experience with the other two

The systems are designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind allowing the hotelier or other business to customize departments on site by typing in the name of an extension instead of just assigning it a number.

Bottom-line obsession comes from turning the pursuit of money into a God and forgetting the real master your business serves: The Customer.

Ray Sandoval - Communication Technologies Inc. LLC

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